August 2018

30 August 2018

#dunemovie ?!

The official Dune site got a new section: movie. Mentioned only the domain but nothing there yet.. And on social media you find a picture of Oliver’s dog Pari with also #dunemovie posted right after the site update. Curious what’s coming..
27 August 2018

New picture / Jakka-B podcast

The official site of Dune,, is updated with a new great front picture made by ‘self made’ photographer Ahmed Carter. I’m curies if this is just a great header for the website or has something to do with new music that’s coming… Jakka-B confirmed again that this week a new podcast will be released more
21 August 2018

Upcoming collaboration announcement! – update –

Jack Newman aka Jakka-B (Dj and Producer) just confirmed he finished a new track together with Dune: “I’ve finished off a collab with rave legend DUNE. Definitely not someone I thought I would ever work with but thats the beauty of music. ?“ (This is not about previously reported track “Utopia” they were / are working more
21 August 2018

Another upcoming collaboration

Jono Eruption Hulley aka Eruption MC (Dj and Producer) also confirmed he has something in the planning with Dune! No word yet if it will be a new song or a remix of one of Dune’s upcoming singles.. More info coming when available, stay Dune’d 😉