April 2021

26 April 2021

Oliver plays your song of choice!

To celebrate Dune has streaming on Friday May 7th for 1 year already, everyone can send in ONE track that Oliver will play for him or her on the Can’t Stop Streaming episode, friday May 7th! The steam will take as longs as it takes! So pass this information on and hopefully we get a long more
15 April 2021

New collab coming soon?

Dune x Rob IYF collaboration upcoming? Looks like this will be released on a compilation album PigStYle part 2 trough 24/7hardcore label. Wacht out for more info.
06 April 2021

New remix upcoming

In a few weeks Dune will be working on a new remix! For who? Time will tell 😉 Wacht out for more news about this project. …And I think there are some signals that “Starchild – Chapter Two” is in the pipeline! more