Untitled (Unreleased)

Untitled (Unreleased)

  1. 1. Rainbow To The Stars 2003     3:30
  2. 2. Million Miles From Home 2003     0:00

(Unofficial cover)

After a couple of years’ hiatus, DUNE returned in 2003 with a remake of their classic 1996 hit “Rainbow To The Stars”. It is a favourite of the producers and would hopefully serve as a reminder of DUNE for the music-buying public. Once again, Oliver appeared as DUNE front man but no female singer would accompany him. After producing remakes of two of their biggest hits using the original vocals, (“Million Miles From Home 2003” was also produced, but never released), DUNE planned to move forward, using different studio singers for the new tracks.

During the summer of 2003, DUNE was hard at work on the new album, with the aim of releasing it by the end of the year. Oliver and Jens confirmed that the album was already half-done and they would complete work before the end of the summer. Describing the new music, Jens said:

‘The album will be in some way “DUNE”, because we are all the same. But, also, we have progressed and gotten older. The outside influences are not the same as eight years ago. This is the reason, why the new album will not sound like the earlier one. But you will hear, that WE are DUNE. This is what I think. It is always hard to describe music.’

However, at the end of 2003 there was still no sign of the new album or even a second single! In the meantime, Oliver had been touring throughout Europe with two dancers as ‘DJ DUNE’. Although never confirmed, it is likely that work stopped on the new album following the disappointing sales of “Rainbow To The Stars 2003”, which only managed two weeks in the German Top 100, peaking at No. 74.